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Gentleman is a brand of performers for men who repens the relationship of the modern man to cosmetics. Each product of our "The Beau" range Combines care of the skin and makeup so that every man in possession of this kit can, in the blink of an eye, become the gentleman he is. Our products are manufactured in Europe and not tested on animals.


Why Gentleman

Relying on ten years of cosmetic industry and its uses, this project is the culmination of a long-term work. The male skin has a physiology of its own: its functioning and nature requires specific care designed. Thereby, Our knowledge of skin and makeup allows us to offer today's men a line of guineaver adapted to their needs and their reality of everyday life. We launch Gentleman around an essential range " The beautiful " : 5 products accurately formulated to reveal the man you are, in the care of your image, with confidence, elegance and discretion. 


"Be the man you are"

Our slogan summarizes our vision and our main goal: to ensure that every man can assume his personality and feel confident every day. Your Personality of Gentleman belongs to you and asks only to express themselves, which our range promises " The beautiful ". This range provides the modern man with hybrid care, between skin care and corrections, called skin performers. The "The Beau" range includes the "Beautiful male", a tinted moisturizer for a zero complexion; the " BEAUTIFUL EYES ", an anti-dark circle to erase the slightest trace of fatigue in the blink of an eye; the " BEAUTIFUL FACE ", A compact tanning in order to subtly arouse your complexion; the "Beautiful bearded", a barb and eyebrow pencil to discreetly highlight your manhood; the "Beautiful kid", a moisturizing and matte lip balm to take care of you discreetly, with elegance.



Our priorities

For us, it is fundamental that every man feels confident and may present the world the best version of himself. We have designed our range like the complete kit and ideal for revealing the gentleman that you are, whenever you want. Our range " The beautiful " Combine skin care and makeup care, to ensure an excellent treatment of your skin while magnifying it. Each product has also been designed to be discreet, fast and easy to apply. We also want to emphasize the different shades available so that each product can best adapt to each gentleman's skin.



Our products are manufactured in Europe and comply with the formulation standards authorized by the European Commission. They are not tested on animals. We guarantee high-end quality at low price because we place at the same level the values ​​we defend and the quality of our products.


Need advice?

We offer you Our guides and tutorials To make the best use of your products and inspire you (see blog). To know everything about your products, discover our Catalog 2021on the description of skin performers. To choose your hue, make your diagnosis.

We are always at your disposal, by E-mail, FAQ or on Facebook, Instagram, to answer your questions.

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