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Beard and eyebrows

How to choose your color of your skin performer?

To ensure an imperceptible and elegant result, it is fundamental to choose your hue (your product color, if you prefer this term). Find here our tips and tips to be sure to choose the hue best adapted to your hair.

Our products are flexible and adapt to different carnations. Know that Gentleman products adapt to all skin types.

There are three shades for beard pen and eyebrows " Bewood ": Blond (001), brown (002), brown (003).

Your beard and your eyebrows may not necessarily have the same hue as your hair.
To be sure to choose the right hue, focus on the area concerned and determine the color of your beard's hair and your eyebrows:

You are blond 001, if you have the hair:
  • Light blonde, gray blonde in dark
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Red

You are chestnut 002, if you have the hair:

  • Light chestnut with dark brown

You are brown 003, if you have the hair:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Black and Gray (pepper and salt effect)
Need help determine the hue of your face? See this article.

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